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California Brewing Company crafts a truly remarkable line of beers produced in the style of all-natural, true to style recipes and high quality ingredients with an attention to detail that is second to none.  We are confident you once you try one of our unique and flavorful hand-crafted creations you will truly appreciate the quality and passion we pour into every glass of California Brewing Company beer!
Our "core" line of ales include hand-crafted Blonde, Pale, IPA, Wheat, Brown and Stout varieties. All of these are available whenever you come in. Also, from time to time, our Head Brewer will get a wild hair and want to create something special or maybe a seasonal. The best part is that he shares it with all of us!  Our new beers include Weizenbock Bold, Raindance Baltic Porter, Malibu Wheat and soon to be released our Platinum Blonde!

This is a very pale American style ale with a light hop bouquet derived from imported hops.  This is not only our flagship beer, but it is the first beer we ever produced.  After years of perfecting we a confident our Beach Blonde Ale with take you from Macro to Micro-brewed in short order.  ABV6.0%, IBU: 20

Our California Pale is a full-bodied, copper colored ale, brewed with American 2-row malt and several varieties of specialty hops.  With just a light bite and medium body this is a clean beer with mild hop notes, a subtle nose and pleasant finish. ABV: 6.1%, IBU: 28
Brewed in the California tradition, Big Wave Wheat is anunfiltered beer is brewed with over 50% malted wheat.  Light in color, crisp body and a clean finish, and a low ABV of 5.1%, this is a great "all-day" beer that won't slow you down!  IBU: 18

Cliffhanger IPA is infused with copius amounts of base and exotic hops for a remarkable  floral aroma, perfect balance of bitterness and malt character, and an overall delight for the hop aficionado! 
Perfect for your next outdoor adventure! ABV: 7.2%, IBU: 60

Our Brunette is deep amber ale with plenty of strong, malty overtones.  Brewed with locally produced honey for added body and character, this beer delivers a rich, creamy, "brown-suggary" mouth and nose!  Just like fresh-baked cookies in a glass!  ABV: 5.7%, IBU: 23

With tastes of sweet honey, roasted barley and rich coffee notes carefully selected specialty malts, this Imperial Stout provides your palate the rich, creamy and smooth finish it deserves.  Coming in at  8.3% ABV and 14 IBU, this is a big beer that is sure to please dark beer enthusiasts!  Try our Adult Stout Float and you'll see what dessert was meant to be!
Weizenbock Bold (label and description coming) Raindance Baltic Porter (label and description coming) Platinum Blonde (label and description coming)
Redhead IPA (Label and decription coming) HEF-ewizen (label and description coming)

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